Customer Testimonials


"The PC Comic Saver has been a great help to my business. My saver system is much more organized and efficient since I've computerized it with this software. It's well-designed, easy to use, and easily pays for itself many times over."
Miryam Ramos
Owner, The Comic Shop (San Leandro, CA)

"The PC Comic Saver is unbelievably easy to use and a great business tool. It has made a big difference in the way I track my saver customers for my business. It's a great program that I would definitely recommend - well worth the price!"
Ralph Soliz
Owner, Cosmic Slop Comics (Antioch, CA)

"I had been looking for a computer program to manage my comic saver system for the longest time and since I purchased the PC Comic Saver, it has saved me a lot of time and effort in keeping track of the inventory needs for my customers' savers. My business is more efficient and I would definitely recommend the program."
Dave Nhieu
Owner, Galaxy Cards and Comics (Daly City, CA)

"The PC Comic Saver has been a great tool for organizing my Savers information over the past year. And the new PC Comic Saver 2000 has made maintaining that information even easier. The program does exactly what I need and I would definitely recommend the program to other comic shops out there."
Lonnie Cox,
Owner, Cop-A-Comic (Merced, CA)

"The PC Card Finder lets me organize my cards exactly the way I need to track and sell cards for my business. All of the information I want is stored and available as I need it, when looking up what I have or creating lists for prospective buyers to view."
Ralph Soliz
Owner, Cosmic Slop Comics (Antioch, CA)

"The PC Comic Finder is a great way for me to track my most valuable comics for in-store inventory or to generate listings for prospective buyers around the country."
Ralph Soliz
Owner, Cosmic Slop Comics (Antioch, CA)

"The PC Rolodex has been organizing information for hundreds of our clients over the past 6+ years. Its custom-tailored features have made it a great tool for improving the efficiency of our business where information is of utmost importance. We are also pleased with the quality of work that has been built into the product in the form of customized enhancements specifically for our line of business.
Your personalized service and prompt development schedules have been a great asset to our business."
Jack Costenbader
Owner, PCA Consulting Group (San Francisco, CA)

"I found the PC Rolodex software to be a great tool for organizing business-related and personal information about our clients. It made finding needed information easy with its efficient search and sorting features. I would definitely
recommend it."
Teresa Payne
Member Services Representative, Interex (Sunnyvale, CA)

"I've needed a progam to organize my music collection for years. Being able to inventory my LPS, CDS, Cassettes, etc. and generate listings for fellow collectors and buyers makes the program a great asset to me."
Ralph Soliz
Owner, Cosmic Slop Comics (Antioch, CA)

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